FAILURE of our people’s protection services

FAILURE of our people’s protection services:

Here in the UK thousands of our population are dying each year as a direct result of the failure of our people’s protection services.
Just one of the reasons it fails is that our government simply sees the population as collateral off set against profit. Therefore those who die each year as a result of government’s people’s protection agency’s failures are acceptable losses taking into consideration the cost of actually, successfully protecting it’s vulnerable peoples.

Just four examples of departmental failures: Of children.
Amber Peat: A little 4 feet tall, 13 year old girl. Suffering: Abuse on a daily basis. Asked the Social Services for help on Numerous Occasions but was ignored. Until one day she could take no more abuse and she Hung Herself.

Alice Gross: A pretty little 14 year old girl suffering anorexia, walking along a river bank enjoying the countryside she loved. Murdered (Suffocated) and Raped. By: a convicted murderer that our immigration services allowed in to the country.

Daniel Pelka: 4 year old; Beaten, Starved, Sexually abused and Murdered, known to our Social Services. Despite unexplained bruises, cuts, black eyes, broken limbs and on one occasion a doctor reported (This child has been subjected to some kind of water torture) Nothing was done to help him.

A young 14 year old girl went to her local police station and explained that her boyfriend was going to Murder Her. Despite her pleas for help she was ignored and sent home. By the next morning she had been Murdered by her Boyfriend.

These Examples:
These are just four Child examples of failures by our people’s protection services. The total amount of failures EACH YEAR taking in to account known vulnerable Children and Adults runs in to thousands.

As regards
As regards to our: Peoples Protection Services: No one is ever accountable, No one is ever charged, No one ever knew-herd or saw. And the standard inquiry report is issued.

Let’s Go To Tea. !!!!!!

A Must Read *

Amber Peat: Age 13


Alice Gross: Age 14


Daniel Pelka: Age 4



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