Amber Peat (Pick-ford) UK News:

Amber Peat (Pick-ford) UK News:

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Most of those who have any interest in Amber’s plight, know by now:

Of the wretched life, such as it was. that Amber led. Bearing: more than her fair share of the household chores, and being incessantly ridiculed and abused. Living in a household with cars yet having to walk 30 minutes to school and 30 minutes home each day.

Her retched day commencing long before anyone else, for she attended a breakfast club at her school where she could get a free breakfast, that started at 7.30 and remember it was a 30 minute walk. Amber would also have had to get herself up, washed, dressed and gather her school books and Amber had to do this in all weathers, summer and winter.

At the end of her school day Amber would return to the wretchedness of her home life after a 30 minute walk. And begin her chores! Taking on occasion, till midnight & beyond, to complete.

Tiny little amber, just 4 feet tall, approached Social Services on numerous occasions and informed them of her abuse. Of the burden of chores she had to bear, of the incessant ridicule and abuse she had to suffer. Of the lack of warmth from her mother and stepfather. wise beyond her years; Amber begged and pleaded with Social Services to let her go and live with her Daddy (No). She begged and pleaded with Social Services to let her talk to her Daddy (No).

Amber received: no encouragement, no affection, no incentive, no hope, and no light at the end of the tunnel to cling too, from anyone. In deepest despair, seeing no hope: of escape from her wretched life, or of ever seeing her Daddy again. Amber took her own life. At just 13 years of age..

Draw from this what you will:

But do not, have the Audacity to say-Caring Society!

Because: out of a population of over 64 million and despite Amber’s tragic story having national press coverage. I doubt: that more than 20 thousand Know about or even Care about, this little Cinderella.


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