Social Services Failures UK

Whenever an abused Child presents his/her self or is referred to Social Services. Just like little “Amber Peat”: They are Abused: Ignored: Dis-believed: & despite often ample opportunity to spot the signs of Abuse. No action is taken & A Child Dies: Sometimes showing signs of multiple injuries:

Then we have the Standard Serious Case Review & the Standard Outcome Report:


*We didn’t know:

*We didn’t see it:

*We were told:

*We weren’t told:


*No one knew:

*No one’s fault:

*No one to blame:

*Lessons to be learned:

Case closed-

**Home to tea: What a day I’ve had:

*This standard Flack Absorbency report:                                                                  The people have received ever since Social Services was formed out of the old Welfare Service. And the Social Services & all our Peoples Protection Services know; There’s Nothing You Can Do About It, so if you don’t like it TUFF. All these Agencies know that the people are too self engrossed for anyone to be able to gather enough support to matter. SORRY but FACT:

Please complete our survey:                                          

News on Amber:


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