No Rest for Dread of a New Day


This beautiful young girl was failed by the very people she turned to for help. With wisdom beyond her years Amber approached the Social Services on a number of occasions. Explaining to them and sometimes begging them to let her go and live with her biological father. Amber lived with her mother and stepfather in Mansfield. Amber explained to Social Services that she was forced to carry out the majority of household chores, continually abused and ridiculed and that she received no warmth from her mother or stepfather. Amber was just thirteen years old.

Social Services as usual just sent her “home?”. Finally: one day after an argument over chores amber stormed out of the house and slammed the door, s”he would never return” for Amber’s body was found three days later, little Amber had taken her own life rather than suffer any more Abuse.

All the things that little Amber told the Social Services were in hindsight found to be true!

A sweet little girl has lost her life:

A little girl Cried Out, but no one herd: A little girl Begged, but no one showed compassion: A little girl Cried, but no one cuddled her: A little girl asked for Daddy, but everyone said NO: No one herd.. No one saw..

A little girl in servitude, ridiculed, bullied & abused. No rest, for the dread of a new day. For: another plea unheard, for tears without comfort, for sadness without pity. For: another day without Daddies Cuddles.

And yet: Not one of those who have failed, bullied or abused this little girl, have showed any remorse, offered any apology, or accepted any responsibility.

Even a young school boy: A friend of this little girl aired his disgust, at the lack of care & compassion society had shown to his little friend

What more can one say: To awaken a spark of care & compassion from society, enough at least for them to stand up and say, No More:

It is not possible to find a word to adequate to describe peoples disgust.
This little girl “Amber” expressed everything in four little words,

“I want my daddy”

Yet: all the training, all the degrees, all the qualifications, snobbery & superiority.
Could not manifest its self, in the one criterion needed to understand “Love”………

Draw from this, what you will. But you cannot direct an individual to LOVE another.


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