This Article Is By No Means To Be Interpreted

This Article Is By No Means To Be Interpreted

As An Anti Emigration, Article. Far from it,

we would uphold the right to the freedom of movement.

Having said this, when in Rome: let your behavior

be like unto the roman. That is to say that you must

accept the laws, morality & social behavior of Rome:

If Rome were to amend its laws and decrees to

facilitate, that of Babylon, its demise would be


Just as the UK gradually ceases to be, by way of not

wanting to discriminate; it discriminates against the

indigenous community. And discriminates against the

indigenous religious, moral, ethical & social standards.

In the interest of power, not the people.. In the interest

of money not the people… In the interest everyone but

the United Kingdom… And its founding values.

What the inevitable outcome of the UK continuing in its

current direction will be: Is the loss of all of our

indigenous beliefs & standards & the nation will become

one of No moral, Ethical or Social Standards: Full of

conflicting communities all demanding THIR rights…..!

We are the United Kingdom: A Christian founded Colony:

Demand Integration & Conformance; Or leave our country:…..!


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