With abuse being of endemic proportion in the UK.

With abuse being of endemic proportion in the UK.

Our Government knows that it would have to create
a public therapy program with mass impact, in-order
to reverse its propagation year on year.

The countries import of outside influences would have
to be stemmed & a public therapy program instigated.

Therapy centers would have to be opened in all major
cities, for the victims of abuse in-order to reduce the full
circle syndrome.

All this would cost money that our Government values
above indigenous human life:

However the alternative to stemming outside influence,
and creating public & victim therapy programs.

Is to see our country laps into a nation not unlike many
nations today, that hold human life so cheaply & lack in
any form of moral. ethical or social standards.

What type of country do you want to leave your children &
their children s children.

The UK was founded on Christian values & principals.
It is our governments responsibility to listen to its indignant
population: And to uphold its Christian values.

Integration with these values must be compulsory to all
residence as would be expected of any person migrating
to another country. Lest we loose all indigenous values:






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