Sweet little: Alice Gross. Just 14 years of age.

Sweet little: Alice Gross. Just 14 years of age.

A lot of people know the tragic story of: Alice Poppy Madeline Gross, and of the legacy from Alice, set up by her family for the benefit of disadvantaged Children in the UK.

“Alice’s Youth Music Memorial Fund”



However Millions; do not know Alice’s tragic story, and many chose not to want to know. But if you care about the Child in our country today. If you haven’t heard about Alice, hears the story.

About Alice: http://beautiful-alice.blogspot.co.uk


If you haven’t made a small donation yet, Please make one. Or make a purchase from Alice jewelry:



You can also listen to some great reggae sounds, free of charge curt-icy of Alice, at: Alice Gross Radio: http://alicegrossradio.blogspot.co.uk


The heartbreaking story of the death of a Child is all too common in our country today. Give a Child a chance, someone to talk to, somewhere to have some fun, a chance…! Youth Music is an amazing organization. Give a Child a chance. Make a donation, just once is fine…! Make a purchase…!

Or just share this article every where you can.



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