£64.000000. Sixty Four Million Pounds:

£64.000000. Sixty Four Million Pounds:

Amber Peat (Pick-ford). Alice Gross. Daniel Pelka.

Have you ever read about a child that died as a result of the failure of the authorities to take action.

Or a child that has died at the hands of its parents or step parents. Yet people knew that there was a problem or something suspicious.

Have you ever thought that something needs to be done, to see that it does not happen again. We know that you will never stop child or vulnerable person abuse totally. However the death of a child or vulnerable person is all too common place.

And you know the outcome: no one knew, no one heard, no one saw, we were told he fell over, we didn’t see the bruises or cuts he had chocolate all over his face.

No one to blame, no ones fault, no disciplinary action, no one held to account, lessons will be learn’t. Are they ever…?? No.

Well this situation “can” be stopped: At best, the victims family can only ever achieves a negligence verdict, and a few thousand pounds pay off. But nothing changes does it…?? Its all forgotten till the next time it happens.

Well as we say, this situation “can” be changed. There is a way through the litigation minefield. But we cant tell you how, can we…? That’s the first problem. How do you get people to trust that you know what your doing, if you can’t tell them what it is. Then there is the problem of getting a legal teem together, that is affordable, if your just pensioners trying to make a difference. And the government will not grant any aid to anyone bringing charges against a government department or agency. Even if you are right…!

Now, here’s the crux of the matter: Presenting a case to the judiciary, is one thing. But coordinating an agenda of presentation and all the legal documentation necessary for such a complex case needs a legal teem and that can cost money.

Don’t stop reading, if you genuinely want to see change brought about. We have a population well in excess of sixty four million. But how many would be prepared to gamble £1 or more on the fact that we just might know what we are doing. And that if the opportunity is missed for the sake of a few thousand pounds. Children and vulnerable people will continue to die by the hundred each year. Those responsible will continue to be UN-accountable. You will continue to hear the excuse that agencies are doing the best they can on funding available. And deaths continue to propagate year on year. The Crux is: Is possibly saving the life of one child, worth the gamble of one pound.



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