Help little: Amber Pick-ford, alias Peat.

Amber Pick-ford, alias Peat.

This beautiful little 13 year old girl:

Was suffering such unbearable abuse.

Yet little Amber tried every thing she could think of to get help: Amber told Social Services of the abuses she was suffering. And tried to runaway from home on numerous occasions, but what chance does a little 13 year old girl have on her own.?

Amber expressed how desperate she was to Social Services: What did they do.? They approached her abusers with Amber’s concerns; and they denied them. Social Services accepted their denial and little amber was left with the abusers to reap the repercussions from her abusers, until they became so unbearable, suicide seemed a fare better option than living a life of servitude, ridicule & abuse.

My god…! Can this nation not stand up for one little girl so sadly failed, in order that thousands may be saved.? What is wrong with you people.?

Nothing moves you…! No matter how poor you are, financially, spiritually, emotionally: Surely you can go without one packet of cigarettes, a pint, a lipstick, or is that not worth a life.?

We know that you will shun what you read, we know its not your problem. We know we are wasting our breath, but it needs to be said. Litigation costs money, justice is no longer free in this world..! We will not promote this article, because we will just be wasting money…!


The Story:


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